Masterclass – Making Pendant Ghost

Making Pendant Ghost

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You will need (photo 1)

Photo 1

  • A water soluble nonwoven and a stabilizer. For instance, Freudenberg’s Vilene Soluvlies / Solufleece
  • Padding polyester
  • A piece of fabric
  • A lace or ribon
  • Machine embroidery threads (we are using glow in the dark embroidery thread Amann Thread Isa Texlight that absorbs light energy, and then releases it as a glow when in the dark.)
  • Temporary adhesive spray. Before you begin working, test your temporary adhesive spray on your water-soluble stabilizer.

Let’s embroider!

1. Hoop the Water-soluble stabilizer and embroider the guideline using running stitches – it’s colour number 1 (photo 2).

Photo 2

2. Fix the lace using temporary adhesive spray (photo 3).

Photo 3

3. Put over Padding polyester (Photo 3a).

Photo 3a

4. Let’s stitch it – colour number 2. Cut away excess fabric from both sides of the embroidery as close to the stitch as you can. CAREFUL: do not damage the stabilizer! (photo 4)

Photo 4

5. Put over a piece of fabric, stitch it – colour number 3, then embroider the Ghost – colour number 4 (photos 5, 6, 7).

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

6. Fix Padding polyester on the back side of the hoop using the temporary adhesive spray. Stitch it – colour number 5. Cut away the excess padding polyester as close to the line as you can (photos 8, 9).

Photo 8

Photo 9

7. Spray a shot of adhesive on your piece of fabric and stick it to Padding polyester. Then stitch it with zigzag stitch, cut away excess fabric from both sides of the embroidery close to the line (photos 10, 11, 12).

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12

8. Embroider the rest of the design – colour 7 (photos 13, 14).

Photo 13

Photo 14

9. Cut away excess stabilizer (photo 15).

Photo 15

10. You can remove remained stabilizer using a wet towel. The Ghost pendant is ready! (photo 16).

Photo 16

11. Now turn off the light and see what happens. Yay! It glows in the dark! Spooky 🙂 (photo 17).

Photo 17