Masterclass – Making a mouse bookmark

Making a mouse bookmark

This bookmark can be a wonderful gift for adults and children. You will spend no more than 20 minutes to create this funny mouse!

You can download a bookmark mouse embroidery design for free with any purchase.

You will need:

• Thick tear-away stabilizer (photo 1)

Photo 1

• Pieces of fabric

• Vlieseline Volumevlies fibrefill or padding polyester

• A piece of lace or cotton rope for making a tail

• A sharp needle. For example, a quilting needle.

• Temporary adhesive spray (we used GUNOLD Adhesive Spray, photo 2)

Photo 2

• We are winding bobbins with the same color as the top thread. The thread that we used matched the color of the fabric. (photo 3)

Photo 3

Let’s go!

1. Hoop the stabilizer and embroider the guideline using running stitches – it’s colour number 1 (photo 4).

Photo 4

2. If you want your mouse to be plump and soft sew Vlieseline Volumevlies fibrefill and cut it close to the line. Don’t forget to use temporary adhesive spray. (photo 5, 6) If you want your mouse bookmark to be flat, you can skip this step.

Photo 5

Photo 6

3. Sprinkle the stabilizer and the Vlieseline Volumevlies fibrefill with a glue to fix a fabric for the top side of mouse and a tail. (photo 7)

Photo 7

4. Embroider the bookmark further till you reach the zig-zag stitch. (photo 8)

Photo 8

5. Fix a fabric on the underside of the embroidery and embroider using zigzag stitches. (photo 9, 10)

Photo 9

Photo 10

6. Cut away the excess fabric from both sides of the embroidery as close to the stitch as you can. CAREFUL: do not damage stabilizer and a tail! (photo 11, 12)

Photo 11

Photo 12

7. Embroider the rest of the design. As you can see, in some places the design almost detached from the stabilizer but is still kept in place well because we use a thick stabilizer and a sharp quilting needle. If we used an ordinary needle the stabilizer could be torn away. You can also use 2 layers of thinner stabilizer. (photo 13)

Photo 13

8. Separate the design of the stabilizer. Tie a knot at the tip of the tail… Congratulations! Now you are a happy owner of funny mouse bookmark! (photo 14,15)

Photo 14

Photo 15

Enjoy your embroidery!