Masterclass – How to make towel topper (applique)

How to make towel topper (applique)

On this page we will show you how to make a towel toppers using Towel topper Lizard digital design

  1. You will need following items, shown on Photo 1:

    a. Thick tear-away stabilizer. You can also use 2 layers of thinner stabilizer;
    b. Pieces of fabric for the applique:  monochromatic fabric for the top and something more colourful for the embroidery.  If the fabric is not stiff enough, use fabric stiffener;
    c. A sharp needle. For example, a quilting needle;
    d. A towel;
    e. Temporary adhesive spray (it is not necessary, but it will make working with the applique easier).

Photo 1

2. Hoop the stabilizer and embroider the guideline using running stitches (photo 2);

Photo 2

3. Place the towel over the guideline. Make sure the towel does not cover the hole (photo 3);

Photo 3

4. Place a piece plain fabric over the towel and tack it (photos 4 and 5);

Photo 4

Photo 5

5. Embroider the design (till you reach zig-zag stitches) (photo 6);

Photo 6

6. Place colourful piece of fabric over the back side of the hoop. Using temporary adhesive spray makes it a lot easier (photo 7);

Photo 7

7. Embroider zigzag stitches, cut away the excess fabric from around the stitch from both sides of the embroidery.
CAREFUL: do not damage your fabric and stabilizer! (photo 8 and 9);

Photo 8

Photo 9

8. Embroider the rest of the design. (photos 10 to 12).

Photo 10

Photo 11

Photo 12